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Fires Database now contains years...
  • Minneapolis - 1977 - 2011  Updated: Sunday, May 6, 2012
  • St. Paul - 1976 - 2011  Updated: Friday, May 11, 2012

Database Status Table

Phase Status Years to Cover Available Minneapolis Available St. Paul
I Completed 2011-1990 2011-1990 2011-1990
II Completed 1989-1980 1989 - 1980 1989 - 1980
III In Progress... 1979-1974 1979 - 1977 1979 - 1976
IV Investigating 1973- ?    

The Extra Alarm Association has begun a new project in an attempt to move our entire collection of data pertaining to Extra Alarm fires in both Minneapolis and St. Paul, from static (display only) to database searchable data (user selectable).

To begin with we are moving the former static data we have had displayed for some time (1996'ish to the present) to searchable data. This data is also displayed in a new easier readable format. The searchable data is displayed in an extended table format, with a search form included at the end of the data. You will find that data here...

Both search tables have a DEFAULT search that will provide ALL the fires if you simply select SEARCH without making any selections. Doing so, will generate a second extended table of the fires selected, including the alarm times and companies that responded.

At the BOTTOM of the search results form is a button that if pressed, will provide a detailed result form that further includes the fire description, water and ladders used, and chiefs names that responed (if available).

You are encouraged to read the Extra Alarm Fires Search Help page, which includes general search form usage, field descriptions, and search EXAMPLES.

Please Note: These raw records have been obtained over the years from both the Minneapolis and St. Paul Fire Departments and then are rentered in our format by the Extra Alarm Association. While we try to ensure that these records are as accurate as possible they should not be assumed to be "official". You should consult the various fire departments for official data questions.

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