Missing Google Earth Plugin update

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Missing Google Earth Plugin update

Postby eatc7402 » Thu Aug 04, 2016 9:04 pm

Perhaps you have noticed that the window that used to contain a small dedicated Google Earth application on our EAATC web homepage is no longer there. It used to be used for displaying
any fire station 3D models we developed.

This is an explanation is to the 'why' it was removed and the alternatives to its former functionality.

The small window applet was known to the world as the Google Earth Plugin. Its purpose was to give web developers access to the Google Earth's full web applications ability to display 3D files
developed by users. In order to access these 3D files and display them the web author needed to write programs in the Google Earth Application Programmers Interface (API) Javascript language which is exactly what we (I) did.

Unfortunately in early 2016 Google decided to cease support for the Google Earth API, and the Google Earth Plugin. Thus the GE Plugin stopped working for us and every other website that
had made use of its functionality. Myself and many other web developers were very disappointed in Googles decision as they not only ceased support, but at the same time provided no alternatives for the former GE Plugin.

At the same time Google ceased the GE Plugin support they were announcing a new version 3 API the Google Map project. Unfortunately this new Google Maps API Javascript version 3 while very robust in producing maps of many types does not include and features of the 3D programming formerly included in the now retired Google Earth API.

So what are the alternatives? You need to use the full Google Earth application. It is available free of charge. But unfortunately we no longer have a way to build in any Google Earth technology
directly into our website, much to my displeasure.

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